About us

About Us

Established in 2016, we have been developing products of Global Design, which is our parent company, but we still available to respond to requests from other companies as well.

From the consultation of small and medium-sized laboratories, we will respond to requests on a wide range of requests for contracts for HTML5 coding and lamp development.

Recommend offshore development

Recommend offshore development

  • Chronic shortage of human resources.
  • Cannot hire multiple employees at the same time.
  • Hope to reduce costs.
  • Smooth development is not possible.
  • Possible delayed development may be delayed.
  • Increasing costs.
  • Want to carry cheap and high-quality development.
  • Want to secure excellent engineers.
  • Want to expand the development team.

Development example

Development Example

Most of our clients are corporate and mass organizations of Japan, we are getting great reviews on all aspects of design, coding, backend development and translation. Of course we also have some development in terms of coding, but since there are many requests

We would like to introduce some of the projects that Global Design IT has created and developed.Due to commitments with customers, we can not show all projects created,…


Contact With Us

For inquiries about Lab type offshore development, please contact to Global Design IT.