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Our strong point is Bridge System Engineers (BRSE) who are experienced in Japan and have high skills that will be responsible for the upstream process and support for the development of your company to proceed more smooth.

For that reason, there is absolutely no such thing like just based on the cost to decide the request, just cheap price is always chosen, or do with fast performance but not good completiion …We are always confident to offer the project and bring it for your company.

GlobalDesign IT Three Strengths

GlobalDesign IT Three Strengths

  • Rich Development Experience

    In developing for Japanese enterprises, product quality will also vary depending on whether or not there is extensive development experience.
    GDIT is capacity of expression, many achievements in development and coding in the Japanese market.

  • Cost Reduction Strategies

    We will propose the project with low cost structure to suit the needs of different customers. For Offshore in Da Nang, of course, we will also propose onsite development in the Japanese market to suit your requirements.

  • Also Supports Small And Medium Sized Project

    We can flexibly respond to projects with a size of 3 ~ 5 people. Of course for projects of 100 man / month size please also contact us.


Adaptable Skills

We have a lot of examples of the main language that can be introduced to you. The languages that we do not list below, we still can match. Besides, we can also suggest the skills to suit the client's project so please discuss with us. We will meet people's expectation with product quality beyond imagination.


Laboratory Development

One of our company strong points is that we can make schemes based on your company’s development plan. Being able to understand our customers, we know about your anxiety such as the necessary of training techniques, development rules… before starting Labo development, and whether all those preparation can be smoothly proceed or not until development stage, etc. GlobalDesignIT is confident that we can offer more schemes to suit your requirements and solve all of those concerns by dispatching BrSEs to work onsite at customers’ station if appropriate.


We will support development for customers in the most flexible and smooth way. For example, first our engineers will work at your company for 3 months, then return to Da Nang-Vietnam to sign Labo contract and continue the development with related teams.


※Our parent company, Global Design will be responsible for managing engineers in the Japanese market.

  • Programming

  • Implementation

  • Development

  • Analyze

  • Design

  • Testing

  • Planing

  • Validation & Verification


Flow Of Up To Service Start

Whether your concern in the Labo type development be quality maintenance and business can be strictly managed or not, in GlobalDesignIT, we have the Japanese project manager who have rich experience in the field to support projects so the customer can be at ease and entrust to us.

Of course, in projects, bridge engineers who have more than 3 years experience in Japan will become a bridge between the two. Therefore, there is nothing to worry, if you feel anxious, definitely come to visit our company offline.

  • 1

    Meeting, Hearing

    Explain the services of our company, listen to the content of your project as well as the skills required to meet the requirements, etc.


    Suggestions on how to proceed with development

    Based on the content exchanged we will propose how to proceed with the current system and member


    Meet and chat with members

    Meet and discuss with the proposed member. Then evaluate skill and people at the meeting.

  • 4

    Sign contract

    If there is no change in the content presented at the meeting aside from the proposal, please sign and seal the contract.


    Start the business

    Our company will prepare and adjust the onsite plan for responsible BrSE as fit as well as conduct the meeting and disscusion with the team members. The development will be start right after those preparation.


    Weekly report

    By reviewing, the atmosphere between the engineers will be changed as well as improved product quality.


Entrusted Development

The cost will vary depending on the scope of customer’s request, but we recommend it for testing on small scale before starting the lab development.

Naturally, it is possible for customers to consult regarding the projec at any time.

You can request anything, from development consultation to website creation.

Therefore, please let us support you.

  • Requests for Back End Development

    Before we receive the request, we will conduct the discussion with you and then we can estimate more accurately if you prepare the definition of the request. In addition, after signing the contract we will discuss again and discuss whether there is a detailed design and basic regulations. In case you can not prepare the documents then our company can proceed to create.

  • Requests for Front End Development

    We would like to receive the design data as well as coding rules that the client has created. Moreover, if there are any other instructions, please do not hesitate rise the demand, we will do coding. In case you only have design data (PSD, AI, Xd), you can be at ease and leave the coding rules creation to us.


Contact With Us

For inquiries about Lab type offshore development, please contact to Global Design IT.