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What is cookie

Cookies are files and information stored on computers or smart devices capable of internet browsing when customers access this website. There are two types of cookies, which are “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporarily stored for the duration of browsing the website. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer even after you finished browsing this website until a specified expiration date or manually deleted

About the using of cookie in this website

This website mainly uses cookies for the following purposes. Note that it is not used for the purpose of collecting customers’ personal information.

  • To improve optimal website display and service
  • To temporarily manage the information entered by customers
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Cookie Management

Many browsers are initially set up to allow cookies, but you can choose to reject cookies, display a warning or set them individually. However, please note that some functions of this website may not be available depending on the settings. In addition, the information of stored cookie can be deleted by the customer by operating the browser. For details on browser operations and settings, please refer to the help description on the browser you are using.


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