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Recommend offshore development

Recommend offshore development

  • Chronic shortage of human resources.
  • Cannot hire multiple employees at the same time.
  • Hope to reduce costs.

Development case on scale of 10~100 people

  • Smooth development is not possible.
  • Possible delayed development may be delayed.
  • Increasing costs.

Development case due to external vendor's request

  • Want to carry cheap and high-quality development.
  • Want to secure excellent engineers.
  • Want to expand the development team.

Development case considering overseas expansion

Comparison with other companies Differences in offshore development

Comparison with other companies Differences in offshore development

GDIT Lab In-house
Request to
Other offshore
Secure human resources Utilize Vietnam’s
rich human resources
Securing and training
human resources is very difficult
All comapies have
human resources
shortage problem
Utilizing resources of
other companies
Sense of cost Cheaper than domestic Labor costs increase Labor costs increase Cheap
How to request Available in
100% Japanese
In-house development
so no problem
High difficulty
Development speed Fast Fast Long Take time due to
communication loss
Quality control Having many people
who can understand
In-house management Depending on
the person in charge
Difficult to control
Development location Danang,
Japan Japan Oversea
Type of contract Lab contract Hiring Estimate each time Hiring
General evaluation Flexible response as a team, fast development speed and relatively low cost Securing and training human resources is an issue Cost and time are issues depending on the vendor Depending on the requested project, the biggest issue is development delay due to communication loss

Why choose Da Nang (Vietnam)?

Why choose Da Nang (Vietnam)?

  • Japanese skills

    We have engineers who can speak Japanese.

  • Low cost

    The price can be lower compared to Japan.

  • Distance

    Attractive distance that allow you to arrive in 5 hours from Japan.

  • Population bubble

    Danang has a large population in 20s and 30s.

  • Stable network

    Critical network is always stable in offshore.

Team structure

Team structure

Japan companies

Requirement Design

Create Spec Project Management

Global Design IT

Professional directives

BRSE/Team Leader




Detail Design Coding-Development

Maintenance-Test Project Management

What can you do specifically?

What can you do specifically?

Requests for
Japanese customers

Hearing and design

  • Requirement definition, trial setting
  • Design
  • Task instructions to Danang
  • Project progress
GDIT Implementation

Hiring and management
of human resources

  • Recruitment
  • Project assignment
  • Personnel evaluation and labor management
  • Maintain motivation

Prior to the project start

  • Project description
  • Skill check
  • Preparation of development environment

Sau khi bắt đầu dự án

  • Development
  • Human resources management
  • Situation grasp

The reason for the offshore development in Da Nang

The reason for the offshore development in Da Nang

  1. I want to solve the resource shortage.

    Nowadays, Japanese companies, including us, are lacking seriously in manpower. In the IT industry, excellent engineers are being in great demand and be the target that every company continuously compete to secure. This is an inevitable structural problem as the Japanese population is declining and aging. There will be no solution for the problem unless stop being fixed on Japan domestic human resources. If we think about the next 5 or 10 years, it is certain that companies and organizations that can build good relationships with Southeast Asian countries, which have abundant human resources, and create a system to cooperate will survive. For that reason, we chose Da Nang, a high density population city in Vietnam.

  2. I want to make the relationship more than just "Deliver and done".

    In a contract development, you finished delivering and so be it. However, we are working with the goal of continuing to be your partner in the form of a lab. We believe that teaming up with customers is possible because the offshore lab model will lead to good results. We are working to be the best business partner that connects Da Nang, Vietnam and various regions in Japan.

  3. I want to provide a "team" that transcends countries

    The Internet environment has made dramatic progress here in Vietnam. Thanks to the development of various tools, we are now able to communicate without problems even if we are in a remote place. We will not hire engineers in Japan anymore. Instead, those Japanese engineers can upgrade to another step, that is to implement the initial stage of project (analyzation, request definition). The development itself will be leave to overseas engineers, and we will provide our best team to cooperate with customers in Japan.

  4. How is work done?

    In fact, Japanese have become very important for offshore development. At GDIT, a BrSE with development experience in Japan will be responsible for contacting/dicussing with the customer and operating all members and distributing projects to facilitate the project smoothly. Recently, engineers are starting to read customer's request documents and instructions in Japanese. Because Vietnamese people like Japanese culture and people very much, so we are working on Japanese-style development.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is the technical level of Vietnamese people high?

It depends on the person, but the technical level is not so different from the Japanese. Please feel free to contact us. A BrSE who is fluent in Japanese will handle the case. Please be assured that engineers can speak Japanese.

How do you request work and communicate?

Basic conversation between development team is in Vietnamese, but when we have project conversations with our customers, we will speak in Japanese. Of course, if there are specific chat tools required by customers, we will respond all in Japanese, so please be at ease.

Is it possible to visit Vietnam (Da Nang)?

Of course it is possible. Please feel free to contact us, as we will be happy to assist you during any travel or stay. Danang is very close to the sea, so seafood dishes are also exceptional.

What should I do if there is an engineer in the team who does not perform well?

The Japanese who will be the local manager will make improvements, but if there is no change for a long time, we will replace the said member. However, we will propose the most suitable development team members that we consider to be the best, so there has never been such a thing .

Is there a possibility that costs will rise due to salary increases?

Basically, there will be no cost increase. However, in Vietnam, the salary is increasing by an average of 8-10% per year, so if you sign a long-term contract, we will propose for you to change the development team members and use the younger engineers.

Is there a risk if I withdraw?

Regarding cancellation, please respond based on terms written in the contract. Also, if the customer wants to establish their own company in Da Nang, we can provide the personnel through the form of introducing the members who were assigned to previous projects.


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