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We would like to introduce some of the projects that Global Design IT has created and developed.

Quang Tri Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Japan Desk – Quang Tri)

At Global Design IT, we were able to help establish the Japan Desk in Quang Tri Province, following after Danang. In Vietnam, many investment projects are well known and opened to accept investment from Japanese investors and companies. Under such circumstances, Global Design IT also assisted the establishment of IPA Japan Desk in Quang Tri in order to promote investment from Japan.

Danang Investment Promotion Agency

Japan Desk, the Agency has helped a lot in establishing Global Design IT Company, is currently managed by IPA, one of the government agencies of Da Nang city.  Thanks to our connection with them in the support of company establishment, we have been allowed to create a website specialized for this agency. The purpose of the website is to convey the message that Danang not only has famous resorts but also has many attractive fields to invest such as company establishment…

GDIT Management System (G.M.S)

WEB APPLICATION: G.M.S_A SOLUTION FOR ENTERPRISES Activities of enterprises are always associated with the organization and management work in order to ensure the best efficiency. As an IT enterprise specializing in developing software, websites, developing applications, consulting and developing effective management tools for our customers, we understand our customers encounter problems and difficulties before new […]

Tourism Application for Foreign Visitors

Not only for the purpose of sightseeing, but with the number of foreigners coming to Japan has been increasing every year, even in this situation, there are still few multilingual information sites in Japan, and people say that there are many foreigners who have trouble with outdated information. GD tourism application is a sightseeing information application will changes that situation.

Global Design IT Tourism Application

The number of tourists who travel to Da Nang is increasing, but there are still not many Japanese tourists. The reason is lacking of tourist information in Japanese, while there are much more in Korean or Chinese on the street, resulted on their overwhelming number. Recently, tourists from Thai and Philippines are also increasing, add one to the reasons why tourist information in Japanese is getting fewer and fewer. And even if there is any information, hardly all of them were helpful, so cause


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