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Date: 2020/07/10


Global Design IT Tourism Application

Da Nang, Vietnam is a very popular spot for tourists, and your sightseeing would be really easy-going with this application

The number of tourists who travel to Da Nang is increasing, but there are still not many Japanese tourists. The reason is lacking of tourist information in Japanese, while there are much more in Korean or Chinese on the street, resulted on their overwhelming number.
Recently, tourists from Thai and Philippines are also increasing, add one to the reasons why tourist information in Japanese is getting fewer and fewer. And even if there is any information, hardly all of them were helpful, so cause the Japanese tourists many troubles. Therefore, we   have developed our own sightseeing information application specialized for Japanese use.

An introduction to GDIT Tourist Application

Just install it on your phone and you’ll be able to easily find information on the fancy cafes and recommended spots in Danang, anytime, anywhere.
You can also create your own travel plan or share a travel plan with only summarized recommendations. Your proposed travel plan may also have a chance to be introduced in the app.


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