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Date: 2020/07/11


GDIT Management System (G.M.S)


Activities of enterprises are always associated with the organization and management work in order to ensure the best efficiency.

As an IT enterprise specializing in developing software, websites, developing applications, consulting and developing effective management tools for our customers, we understand our customers encounter problems and difficulties before new management requirements and challenges.

G.M.S (GDIT Management System), a Web application developed by GDIT’s engineering team, is a tool which bring useful solutions with outstanding features. This is no doubt an effective solution in business management.

G.M.S is being used at GDIT Company and has brought positive results, saving a lot of time for every department. This year, GDIT will start to deploy this service to customers.

In order to let customers to understand the G.M.S better, GDIT would like to share the interview with the representative of our G.M.S development team, Engineer Dang Quoc Viet.  Viet plays the role of the pioneer, along with his colleagues, they have done their share of study,  research, evaluation, construction and finally, completed the development of the system.

Interview with Viet, an engineer from G.M.S development team:

Hi Viet, now the G.M.S has been deployed to all employees at GDIT, as the leader of this application development team, please share about its features and benefits.


I would like to ask the representative of the G.M.S development team to briefly share the parts of the G.M.S including:

  1. Employee Management
  2. Resume Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Automatic Timekeeping and Leave Management
  5. Annual Calendar for business use
  6. Man-hour Management and Report for each employee
  7. Man-hour Management and Report for each project
  8. Asset Management
  9. Scheduling and Time Management


+ Multilingual: Supporting 3 languages including Vietnamese, Japanese and English

+ Centrally store all information and data

+ Save the effort and time of the related department

+ Easy to search, extract and print data

+ Help managers grasp the overall information, understand the progress and status of project implementation accurately, easily, thereby becoming able to give more prompt and accurate instructions

+ Have information secured

+ Help companies improve tools, professional management, professionalization, etc

How long did it take your team to complete this application?

It took us 4 months to complete the app, since we must adjust the work and time between customer’s projects and internal development with customers being highest priority in mind. With this experience, I think if there are similar requests in the future, work time will surely be shortened.

In the process of developing G.M.S, what difficulties and advantages have you encountered? What lessons can you learn after developing this system?

During the development of G.M.S, the difficulty that my team encountered was to thoroughly understand the operations of each department because I was not very knowledgeable in those field. However, this is not a big deal, since the related departments always support us very detailed about the business.

When deploying software, applications, etc. for customers, I will learn thoroughly the details of each customer’s requirements to build and develop their desirable software.

Thank you, Viet!

Through the introduction above, I hope everyone will understand more of G.M.S and the benefits for businesses it can bring. Lastly,  if there are any questions or requests, please contact us, we will consulting and give the most optimal solutions in accordance with each customer request.

Thank you very much!


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