Mr. Duy

For me, health in which mental health is very important, a working day will be highly effective if I have prepared mentally well. Usually I will have a cup of coffee, enjoy the entertainment program before the time to work.


Everyday, I join my colleagues in the morning chorei, then I will join Japanese class.


As a Sub Team Leader, I will share with the members about the project situation, capture the work being done, related issues and report through Team Leader. 
My work and my passion is code and code ….
In the morning, many tasks need to be solved on time and new tasks are added. I will deploy and track the work situation of the members.


At lunchtime, I also stay at the Company, have lunch and play games, take a break to continue the afternoon work.


Usually in the afternoon, I and Team leader attend meetings with the parent company to discuss the situation of the project, the upcoming works and exchange feedback.


Support review code, coding and sending project source to end a working day.

For difficult tasks, I will spend more time in the afternoon to find out the best solution.

At the end of a working day at the Company, I will also attend parties organized by the Company or gather friends, creating great relationships with people.

Hi Duy!
Today thank Duy for taking some time for this conversation.
As a Sub Team Leade of the Front end team, what is your current job?

Hello, as a Sub Team Leader of Team Front end, I, as well as all other members, always discuss and provide optimal guarantee solutions to create complete products delivered to customers. My work is also quite busy and I work with everyone to get it done on time.
Basically, I support the team leader in checking, reviewing projects, supporting GS technical training for members of the team.
Coding too, inherent work of development engineers.
At the end of the project, my team always looks back and improves continuously, I also arrange the most reasonable time for other members to have more time to improve techniques and skills including learning Japanese at Company.

How did you build a training schedule for the members below and new employees?

Our team has a very clear training and carepath roadmap, detailed instructions for each level to help members with clear goals, can assess their own ability.
For new members, our team will also consider the specific level and clear development orientation from the beginning.

Coming to Japan for work, how do you feel about the GDIT Company team and the current Front end team ??

Let me briefly state my own feelings.
+ About the Company, people are very friendly, open, most employees are young people. The regime and policies are very complete
+ About Team Front end: everyone is quite good teamwork, always ready to support each other in the spirit of learning, developing together.

At GDIT, besides training in Japanese, all engineers are trained in new techniques and technologies. For yourself, how do you learn and research new technologies?

In addition to being trained from the Company, I myself always learn, explore, discover new technologies. That is my passion. When I learn something new and share it with others for mutual development, I feel very happy.


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