Mr. Nghia

My viewpoint is that the Company is also my home, my daytime time is in the Company, so in the morning I always think positively to create energetic energy for a new day before going to work. Before work, I always spend some time to drink coffee and realx, chat with co-workers. After that, my working day will start at 8:00AM


At my company, everyone will spend about 10 minutes in every morning for the Chorei, the person in turn will speak and share new information about hiss/her view about life and experiences. … Next, the Board of Directors and Human Resources will the general information for everyone to be up to dated.


After the morning Chorei, I will attend Japanese classes at the company. 30 minutes daily like that through lessons, lessons on Japanese culture. Currently, my Japanese is always improving.


I started the official job of the team to participate in the daily Team Meeting, this is the time when all members of the team report on the work they are doing, the difficulties encountered so that everyone can support to help complete. successful job.

The morning passed with many tasks that needed to be solved on time and received new taks, I and my team members kept contacting related tasks and reporting to their superiors when they finished or had problems if any. 


Lunch time at the Company is very fun, everyone can go to eat or eat lunch box available, everyone has 1.5 hours to take their own break or participating in the PES stone tournament is supported by the Company.


In the afternoon, I still perform assigned tasks, arrange to participate in internal seminars to grasp new technology.
Ending a working day, after dinner I also spend time with friends, relatives, relax for myself and read books.

Hello! At the moment, you are a Front end development engineer at GDIT, what advantages and disadvantages do you have in your work?

I think I am lucky because I always work with my friendly and friendly colleagues in the Team, everyone helped me a lot. At the superior company always creates conditions for people to improve their skills and develop themselves.
For the work I am doing, keeping up with the trend and always capturing knowledge and new technologies are always a prerequisite for development, so in addition to working time at the Company, I always spend time to learn to learn new technology so you don’t have to be left behind.

How do you support the members of your team and other teams?

At work, I always help my team members when I have problems. Not only that, for other teams, if in my ability, I am always ready to help you to complete the job well.
In addition, I am currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Union, I always support to organize activities to engage people in the Company.

From the report of of HR department, you are a member who regularly introduces new employees to work at GDIT, did you realize the company’s good policies and its influence to people’s future of job development?

Before coming to GDIT, I spent my internship and working at several companies, my personal feeling then GDIT created a friendly working environment, many good remuneration policies, working here for me. Learn a lot from previous colleagues, have the opportunity to exchange Japanese daily through free Japanese classes organized by the Company. In addition, the Company also has a promotion policy for everyone, always creating conditions for those who wish to come to Japan to study and work. 

Thanks you!

Thanks you!


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