Ms. Bong

My 8 hour day has passed with the task of catching bugs (laugh)


After the morning chorei, I will take part in a Japanese class for about 30 minutes.


From this point I will officially carry out the tasks of the day. My main tasks are, for example, project investigation, testcase review, project testing, process improvement, etc

As a QC with the role is to ensure the quality of the project before delivering to the customers, I always focus very hard to find bugs and problems for engineers to develop completely.

I always make sure to attend daily, weekly, and monthly meetings with teams without fail.

Every month, by carrying out a check on project management process, I ensure that every team is doing their work according to the process in order to improve project quality.


At noon, I stay in the company to enjoy my lunch time with many happy, youthful colleagues.


Continue the afternoon with the remaining tasks and new tasks. I also had a little fun, being assigned the task of training Internships as well as Comtor or Engineers who want to learn and learn about QC. Every day this time for training, I hope many of you will understand the importance of QC to make your development work most complete.

Hello Bong!
Knowing that you are one of the people who have been working since the day the Company was founded, I think it is your individual who sees the development of GDIT Company until today, do you share in detail how are you feeling

I am one of the people who came to work from the day the Company was established, from the time the Company had very few personnel, the office was not as large as it is now, … until it was stable and developed. . I feel lucky to be working here, people are very friendly, affectionate, connected, feeling like a family. Every day, I come to the Company and I feel very happy, everyone is comfortable, happy, respectful and support each other at work.
The company and its managers pay special attention to the best policies and regimes for employees. In addition to working hours, the company also organizes team building, events, picnics, tours, especially traveling abroad. After four years of establishment, all members have been traveling two domestic tours and two overseas trips (Thailand and Singapore). It is expected that people will travel to Japan in the near future.
Here I also have the opportunity to learn Japanese daily. The company has spent time with employees learning Japanese from Comtor friends, Japanese people and teachers from Sakura Center. Open policies and creating promotion opportunities for everyone. I see many of you have had the opportunity to work and work in Japan. After returning from the parent company, you are all Key persons.
The company always opens sharing sessions on soft skills for everyone, including classes for those who want to orient themselves to Leader, SubBrSE, BrSE, … too many opportunities to learn, right? I am so happy with all that !!.

How do you realize the importance of QC team in IT projects?

I think for an IT company, the most important thing is still the quality of the project and the reputation of the Company with customers. Therefore, QC team plays a very important role in the project development process which is to ensure the quality of the project, ensure the best and complete product before delivering to customers. Create trust for customers and the reputation of the Company. In addition to testing product quality control, the work of the QC team also builds and improves the project management process, ensuring that every project runs smoothly, helping minimize project risks.

Future directions of your team in the future?

Because GDIT is a Japanese company, customers are Japanese businesses. So I think that in addition to improving knowledge, skills and professional experience, QC need to know Japanese, communicate and read Japanese documents. That will help a lot in the work of the team. Therefore, I will build a good QC team with good test techniques and good Japanese. At the same time, planning training for development engineers to test their own products.

Thanks you!

Thanks you!


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