Mr. Minh

In the position of Bridge Engineer, I am always dedicated and trying to convey the wishes of our customers to the project development engineers, and I also check that everything must be adjusted. chu, clear and send to our customers on time, if any problems arise, I and other colleagues are willing to stay to resolve until it’s okay.


Every working day, I always come to the Company about 20 minutes earlier, first of all checking the emails sent by customers and timely reciprocal, set up to prepare the work of the day.


Just like every other member, starting the morning I will join chorei, usually it’s my turn to share the stories of successful people, so that we and everyone can learn from the experience in the game. live and work.

Embark on the work that I will meet daily with the entire team member of the team, confirm the work progress of each member, quickly update the problems encountered, deploy the work of the day for you, solve specific likes for everyone to grasp. After team meeting, I will meet with customers in Japan to update the work situation, get new jobs.


I have lunch at the company with many people, have lunch, drink coffee, take a rest to regain my afternoon energy to work.


In the afternoon, apart from a few tasks such as the morning, usually I will analyze, exchange customer requests, review code and deliver on time, summarize the work of the day and report to customers. One week I will attend two advanced Japanese classes at the Company.
If the work is not done, I will stay with it, and will look back on the work weekly, monthly, quarterly or individually.
Like other colleagues, I value my family behind, after working at the Company, I return to my small family to eat warm family meals, full of love.

Can you share your past and current job information at GDIT?

After graduating from university, I decided to join a US company specializing in Testing. After four years, I realized that there was a need for change, so I decided to try a whole new environment, and I chose GDIT Company to work. My first job at GDIT was to take on the role of Team leader of the PHP team, the company’s characteristic was about working on products, but at that time, not many people understood the product, I myself only used it at that time. Using English, the product required is Japanese, so learning is very difficult, you need to discuss anything with your communicator.
After nearly 1 year of work, I and a few other friends were selected to go to the parent company (GD) to work, learn and improve skills.

At the beginning, when you came to the parent company in Japan, did you encounter any difficulties? And how did you overcome these?

My first difficulty when I came to Japan was the language barrier, I was completely unable to communicate in Japanese, with Japanese language that I just learned initially in Vietnam, I absolutely could not exchange work in the group, So I decided to learn Japanese.
Next is the issue of cultural differences, working culture, behavior of Japanese people much different from their Vietnamese side and it takes a lot of time to get used to, with Japanese language too “modest” as So, learning and receiving new culture are more difficult to add.
However, I have set a goal from the beginning that I will try to get N2 certificate after 2 years, so I am determined to accomplish this goal. And besides, I always have colleagues at the parent company willing to help me and the company has created conditions for me to improve my Japanese and professional skills.
Now that I have returned to Vietnam to work, I will always maintain a good relationship with my colleagues.
From GDIT, the company always encourages and actively supports members who go to work or work in Japan.
The difficulties experienced really helped myself to grow a lot more.

As a Bridge Engineer, do you have any advice for current engineering people who are targeting this position, especially those at GDIT?

Thank you for this question, I really only gave experience from myself. (laugh)
+ The first is to equip yourself with a good foundation of expertise, the language (programming language).
+ Secondly, you must have a high determination and continuous learning about both languages and expertise in the process of working.
+ Next is to really try to make our efforts recognized by colleagues as well as superiors, if we do this well, we think that in any environment, we can easily complete all the tasks. work assigned.
+ About foreign languages (Japanese,), daily practice, I come back to Vietnam to continue attending advanced Japanese classes at the Company.

Thanks you!

Thanks you.


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